Thursday, July 16, 2009

First Beach Trip

Well, Parker is officially "initiated" into this family. He's been introduced to the beach, and he loves it! Jay and I, (but especially me) are most definitely beach people, and so Parker must grow up loving the beach! ;) It's so nice because Jay's parents have a condo right on the beach and are very sweet to let us go whenever we want, so we'll definitely be taking them up on that in the future!

This wasn't the most ideal trip, but it was still so nice to get away! It rained some of the time, and Parker (for whatever reason) just did NOT sleep well down there, so in a way we came back feeling a little more exhausted than when we left, but it was still SO worth it! Everyone had told me that going to the beach with a baby is definitely not the same, so I was prepared for that part of it.

My favorite thing was that each night after Parker was in bed, Jay and I would sit out on the deck and listen to the ocean and just talk. It was really nice to get some "us" time because I'm definitely a huge quality-time person, and I crave that time together! Here's some pictures of our time there:

Jay and Parker enjoying some pool time

He loved his float! He was just kicking his legs like crazy!

He had so much fun in the water!

Little man!

Parker and Daddy

Totally chilled out!

Me and my buddy! Love this guy!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Letter to Mimi and Grandaddy

Dear Mimi and Grandaddy,
I wish you guys didn't have to go back to Kazakhstan. I miss you both! Mom took me over to your house to swim in the pool, but it wasn't nearly as fun without Grandaddy to take me swimming! Mama bought me some swim diapers so you don't have to worry about me peeing or pooping on you in the pool anymore, Grandaddy! Can't promise I won't spit up on you though! ;) Since you've been gone I've:

-consistently been rolling over both ways now! (wow)
-discovered the word "mama" and love to say it all the time now, and mom goes crazy when I say it!
-discovered that I looove Molly and love to grab her hair and get kisses from her!
-tried to get better about going down for naps and not fighting sleep so much, for Mom's sake... (we're still working on that one, though)
-been trying to cut my first tooth on the bottom, but don't know how long it'll take to come through (hopefully soon, we don't like this teething thing!)
-been spitting like you taught me, Grandaddy!

I'll keep you updated on all the new things I'm doing and learning. Hope you liked the mug I sent you, Grandaddy! Hurry back.. I miss you both like crazy! Love you,
-Your "little buddy" Parker