Monday, May 4, 2009

25 Things About Me

Since I'm just starting out on this blog, I figured I'd share some facts about myself. I'm gonna try to get 25 facts in if I can think of that many...

1. I grew up on the island of Papua New Guinea as a missionary kid. It was such a neat experience and one that I'm very grateful for.
2. I love love love hot weather.. I cannot stand to be cold.. it really makes me ill!
3. I love the beach and wish I lived there year-round.
4. I'm deathly afraid of snakes and I remember the day before my wedding my friend and I were getting ready in the bathroom.. all of the sudden she let out a huge scream, and there was a huge snake right behind me.. we ran outside and screamed all the way as we ran to the house next door!
5. I'm a huge animal-lover, especially dogs. Our dog, Molly, is my first "baby".
6. I've never been on a cruise, but would love to go some day.
7. I love to eat.. I pretty much munch all throughout the day.
8. My favorite restaurant is P.F. Changs.. I always get their lettuce wraps and Kung Pao Chicken - delish!!
9. I'm a sucker for a good chick flick... such a hopeless romantic!
10. My ideal date night is getting take-out, watching a good movie by the fire, in my pj's, with a glass of wine... I'm totally a cheap date!
11. I don't really like to dress up.. I just feel so confined and uncomfortable.. the second I get home I resort to my sweats and a tank top or t-shirt.
12. I love sports - in high school I played soccer (my all-time fav), volleyball, softball, and basketball. I was going to play soccer in college, but didn't want it to consume my whole life in college.
13. I really like to cook, but don't do it that often.. probably because of my wierd work schedules the past few years, and now being consumed by the newborn.. I'm getting back into the habit, though.
14. I absolutely hate confrontation with every bone in my body.. I run from it at all costs.. it's not such a good thing.
15. I'm such a people-pleaser.. I want everyone to be happy at all times.
16. I love my job.. working as a nurse at Brookwood with mom's and newborns - it's so much fun and I love the girls I work with!
17. I'm so thankful for my husband, Jay.. I love him like crazy and can't imagine my life without him.
18. I've always wanted to be a mom, and I'm so thankful for the gift of my baby boy... I'm absolutely in love with him and can't imagine my life without him, either.
19. Since I've had Parker, my relationship with God has really grown... I know how much I love my child, and it's not even comparable to how much God loves me - I'm so thankful for His unconditional love and acceptance!
20. I'm a very sensitive person who feels things very deeply.. sometimes I wish I didn't feel things so deeply!
21. I do NOT like change.. it makes me very uncomfortable!
22. I wish I was more outgoing - sometimes I have a hard time making friends because I'm pretty shy.
23. I love jeans.. there's nothing like finding the perfect pair of jeans that fit just right... unfortunately, I can't fit in any of mine right now... ugh!
24. I never really realized how much I love sleep until now since I haven't slept all through the night in the last 4 months.
25. I love Starbucks, or coffee in general, for that matter. I always have to start my day with a cup of coffee, but I usually put more flavored creamer and sugar in it than actual coffee. My favorite Starbucks drinks are white chocolate mochas and chai lattes... yum-o!

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Rachel said...

11. - I am the SAME way. I have "home" clothes and "out" clothes. And I'll change in and out every time even if I'm getting out 4 times in one day!!

22. - me too. I've always not been good at that initial friendship stage - the part of "getting to know" each other. However, blogging has helped me with that a TON - people feel like they know me from reading my blog and I feel like I know them from their comments, and I have had several new friendships completely skip that first stage that I am so bad at. So I hope that blogging helps you in the same ways it has helped me!!