Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Will he EVER know his name?

I don't know about you, but I'm one that loves nicknames. Which got me thinking... my child probably has around 100 nicknames (and some of them are just plain wierd.. but I can't help it - I get stuck calling him crazy nicknames). Just to name a few: Parker-man, P-man, Bear, Little Bear, Boo Bear, Bro-Bear, Crazy Legs, Chunky Legs, Butterball, Fatty McGee, Fo-eva, Little Man, Punkin-head, Muffin.. I mean, I could just go on and on. I know, it's kinda crazy, but it's just a little quirk I have. Anyways, I was just thinking today.. do I ever even call my child by his real name? Hardly ever! So now I'm kinda worried that he won't recognize his name until he's like two! I gotta start calling him by his real name!

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christiejones said...

Oh, I love that. My Dad had a bunch of nicknames for me and I still love to recall them. I wish I were more creative when it came to nicknames for my kids!